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Frequently Asked Questions

“Extraction in Seconds”, DPX tips are fast! Depending on the application, our customers typically find that extraction time is significantly reduced when compared to traditional SPE. Most significantly, DPX tips are designed to work seamlessly on robotic liquid handlers, unlike conventional SPE.

While “dilute and shoot” methods are often perceived as “inexpensive” and “rapid”, our customers frequently tell us that they have had to purchase high-end ultra-sensitive instrumentation in order to achieve the desired analytical outcomes. With strategic emphasis on sample preparation (i.e. “the front end”), significantly higher costs associated with more expensive LC-MS/MS instrumentation may be unnecessary. DPX tips produce cleaner extracts resulting in lower solvent volumes and waste generation. LC column life is extended. Cleaner extracts also lead to less LC-MS/MS maintenance, fewer repeat sample injections and reduced data analysis time.

Whether you are in the early stages of method development with a new application or are seeking to enhance current throughput, DPX products offer a solution! Click here so that a member of our technical staff may contact you.

We routinely develop custom solutions. Click here to learn more about this program.

DPX tips are routinely used with whole blood, serum, urine, oral fluid and solid biological specimens in a variety of clinical laboratory medicine and forensic toxicology applications. In addition, DPX tips are being used in food safety analyses, to include fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat products.

We recommend that you first select the tip chemistry that corresponds to your needs. Click here to “Choose Your Chemistry”. While many DPX products are available “off the shelf”, tips are also customized for clients, so if you don’t see a product that meets your application, we will make it for you! Our technical staff is also available to offer suggestions. Click here to learn more. Free samples are also available upon request. Click here to request samples.

Certainly! DPX Technologies has been recognized for its outstanding on-site customer support. We provide confidential and customized technical assistance with method development and/or validation as you incorporate our products into your workflow. Contact us to discuss this program.

Yes! It is very important to us that customers validate our products in their laboratories. DPX tip technology continues to be highlighted in a number of peer-reviewed publications and presentations. Click here for a list of citations.

Absolutely! We have partnered with a number of leading manufacturers in order to provide customized high-throughput solutions. For example, we have developed technical applications specific to urine and oral fluid using Hamilton and Tecan liquid handling workstations. Whether you are currently using laboratory automation or are seeking to incorporate it into your sample preparation process, DPX Technologies offers seamless integration with a number of liquid handling platforms. Click here to learn more.