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Automated Extraction of Vitamin D from Serum Samples

Automated Extraction of Vitamin D from Serum Samples


Vitamin D is an essential prohormone that regulates calcium and phosphate homeostasis. Vitamin D deficiency is a growing problem, manifesting as calcium malabsorption, secondary hyperthyroidism, muscle weakness, and/ or osteoporosis/osteomalacia.

The Tip-on-Tip methodology automates the traditional vortex and centrifuge process used to protein precipitate serum samples. In addition to automating this cumbersome step, the tip-on-tip filtration is done in a 96-sample format. Following filtration, DPX tips containing weak anion exchange sorbent with salt (WAX-S) were used to rapidly remove matrix interferences. This method processes 96 samples.

Schematic of the Tip-on-Tip method (patent pending) for automated protein crash of blood.

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