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Forensic Seminar

Forensic Seminar

Join DPX and Sciex on April 3 in Charlotte, NC for a Forensic Seminar!

8:30 AM – 2:30 PM ET, April 3, 2019

Learn How to Maximize Productivity in Your Forensic Laboratory

We invite you to learn about recent developments in implementing LC-MS/MS for toxicology, trace analysis, and drug chemistry analyses

This seminar will give you the opportunity to directly engage with both forensic and SCIEX experts. They will share the latest challenges they have recently faced and the innovations they have used to overcome them. 

Seminar agenda:

  • Rapid implementation of high resolution mass spectrometry for:
    • DUID and postmortem cases to quantify novel psychoactive substances
    • Seized powders and explosives
  • Tips and tactics for comprehensive analysis of fentanyl analogues in forensic blood samples
  • Sensitive analyses of opiates and opioids in whole blood using new DPX tip-on-tip technology with LC-MS/MS
  • Intelligent SCIEX service tools that help you minimize instrument downtime

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