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Pipette Tips for SPE

Pipette Tips for SPE


Pipette tips are manufactured to order per custom specifications for applications and methods. These tips are available with sorbent chemistries in a range of phases to capture any unique selectivity for the diverse spectrum of analytes. Sorbent chemistries can be combined to provide a customized mixed mode product. dSPE tips can hold 1–100 mg of sorbent depending on the tip format. These tips can be used manually with single or multi-channel pipettors, or on semi-automated and full-automated liquid handling systems.


These pipette tips combine dispersive pipette extraction and SALLE (Salting-out Assisted Liquid-Liquid Extraction) for a novel cleanup mechanism. dSPE + S tips can house DPX high quality sorbents, like Weak Anion Exchange (WAX) or Reverse Phase (RP) for cleanup and the salt (S) necessary for SALLE. This methodology is ideal for applications that require acetonitrile for protein precipitation and are focused on hydrophobic analytes.

Micro-elution dSPE Tips

μElution dSPE tips utilize a proprietary design to provide fast dispersive SPE with minimal elution volumes for maximum concentration effects. μElution tips are available with 1-3 mg of sorbent and utilize a unique low-retention frit. This allows for elution volumes as low as 25 μL, thereby eliminating time-consuming solvent evaporation steps.

High Quality Sorbents:

  • Reverse Phase (RP)
  • Weak Anion Exchange (WAX)
  • Strong Anion Exchange (SAX)
  • Strong Cation Exchange (SCX)
  • Weak Cation Exchange (WCX)
  • Silica
  • C18
  • Mixed Mode
  • Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance (HLB)-Coming Soon!
  • HybridSPE® – Phospholipid Removal

Tip Formats:


Semi-automated / Manual

  • Hamilton -300 μL / 1 mL
  • Tecan -200 μL / 1 mL
  • Eppendorf epT.I.P.S. -1 mL
  • Gerstel -1 mL
  • Integra -300 μL / 1250 μL
  • Universal – 1 mL / 5 mL

Application Notes:

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