XTR Accessories

1 mL Pnemautic Extractor

Process 96 samples simultaneously from a 96 well plate (or 24 samples from vials). Pneumatics are used to drive 96 syringes (or 24) to create positive and negative pressure to aspirate and dispense solutions in and out of 1 mL XTR tips.

ToT Accessories

SPS Format Plates Pre-loaded with Sorbent

Customize the sorbent mass available in a 96 deep well-plate for use with ToT SPE methods. These can contain any DPX sorbent in a range of masses per well. Contact us for sorbent options not listed here.

  • WAX
  • WCX
  • SAX
  • SCX
  • RP
  • C18
  • Silica
  • Mixed Mode
  • HybridSPE®-phospholipid removal