Introduction to INTip Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC)

Our methodology uses a gel filtration technique for group separations using automation-friendly pipette tips. INTip Swelling provides a unique, hands-off protocol for column packing.

  • High throughput, fast, convenient, automated methods
  • Desalting and buffer exchange for sample volumes up to 250 μL
  • INTip automated swelling – No manual slurry prep or column packing!
  • Molecular weight cutoffs currently available: 5000 Da and 1500 Da
  • Prepare biological samples for downstream chromatography analysis

Introducing Size Exclusion Chromatography in a pipette tip!

Our patent-pending size exclusion chromatography product line can be used for desalting and buffer exchange: a group separation method where small molecules (such as salts) are separated from a group of larger molecules (such as proteins.) Samples can be quickly prepared for other downstream chromatography techniques and assays. Our unique INTip swelling method, for the column packing, prepares the gel resin bed for sample loading in less than 20 minutes.

Size exclusion chromatography pipette tips provide a solution for automating desalting and buffer exchange without the need for centrifugation or positive pressure manifolds. The present device and methods were developed to overcome the complexities and time commitment of manual column preparation and centrifugation steps.

Why do we develop technology using pipette tips for sample preparation?

Our founder discusses the benefits of INTip sample preparation products.

Are you interested in learning more about this technology or testing the product in your workflow?

  1. See a demo video of this technology on an automated liquid handler and chat with our molecular biologist.
  2. Find out how to receive samples

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