Traditional size exclusion chromatography (SEC) combined with automation-friendly pipette tips (patent pending). INTip resin swelling provides a unique, hands-off SEC workflow.

  • High throughput, fast, convenient, automated methods
  • Group separation for sample volumes up to 250 μL
  • INTip automated swelling – No manual slurry prep or column packing!
  • Molecular weight (mw) cutoffs currently available: ~ 5 X 103 ,
    less than 1.5 X 103
  • Quickly desalt and remove contaminants in biological samples

Contact us for more info on how to customize this workflow.

Become a beta-testing site

We are doing product development for INTip solutions for size exclusion and other methods. Please contact us to learn more, if you are interesting in becoming a beta-testing site for new products.

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