XTR 1mL style Hamilton CO-RE tips
XTR - Hamilton 300 μL CO-RE tips
Single Phase Filtration tip with disperser for ToT SPE methods

Trust in the combined expertise of Hamilton and DPX Technologies for automated, INTip™ solutions that streamline sample preparation and positively impact your results.

Top Tier Workflows

Hamilton and DPX collaborate to strengthen public safety and health care efforts with robust, powerful tools and technologies. Hamilton remains a pioneer in high-precision automated liquid handling technologies that increase workflow efficiencies, sample throughput, and quality in results.

Hamilton’s automated workflows allow users to refocus attention away from time-consuming and user-variable or error-prone manual workflows and towards high value tasks such as analyzing data.

  • Microlab NIMBUS

    -All sizes and configurations

  • Microlab STAR

    -All sizes and configurations

  • Microlab VANTAGE

    -All sizes and configurations

XTR Tips – for Dispersive Pipette XTRaction Methods

INTip SPE utilizes a patented technology known as Dispersive Pipette XTRaction. This device is unique from all other SPE devices because sorbent is loosely contained within a pipette tip.


This is not a complete list as we offer a variety of customization to the pipette tips and sorbent amount. To order you have to specify the size tip and sorbent amount. XTR tips can hold 1 – 100 mg of sorbent depending on the size and format.

Format- Hamilton CO-RE TechnologySorbent
1 mL or 300 µLRP
1 mL or 300 µLWAX
1 mL or 300 µLWCX
1 mL or 300 µLSAX
1 mL or 300 µLSCX
1 mL or 300 µLC18
1 mL or 300 µLSilica
1 mL or 300 µLHybridSPE- phospholipid removal
1 mL or 300 µLMixed Mode – combine two sorbents in one tip
1 mL or 300 µLDPX + SALLE – choose a sorbent + Salt necessary for salting-out assisted liquid-liquid extraction
Ex. WAX-S or RP-S

Filtration Tips – for Tip-on-Tip Methods

INTip Filtration utilizes a patent-pending Tip-on-Tip technology designed to promote the simplification and automation of complex sample preparation for a variety of applications.


This is not a complete list as we offer some customization.

Catalog #
Dual PhaseDPX170037
Low Porosity  <1 µmDPX170068
Single PhaseDPX170069
Single Phase with disperser 30 µm fritDPX170098
Single Phase with disperser 50 µm fritDPX170097

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