INTip™ solutions that streamline sample preparation and positively impact your results + Integra systems that free you from routine pipetting.


DPX has several methods for clinical laboratory medicine or forensic toxicology that can be adapted to work on Integra pipetting systems. Our methods for sample cleanup foster consistent, high quality data with minimal sample preparation time.


  • Evolve

  • Voyager

  • Viaflo and Assist / Assist Plus

  • Viaflo96

XTR Tips – for Dispersive Pipette XTRaction

INTip Solid Phase Extraction utilizes a patented technology known as Dispersive Pipette XTRaction. This device is unique from all other SPE devices because sorbent is loosely contained within a pipette tip. XTR tips can be used for sample cleanup or bind-wash-elute protocols. INTip SPE provides a low cost, easy to use solution for improved sensitivity and reduced matrix effects.


This is not a complete list as we offer a variety of customization to the pipette tips and sorbent amount. To order you have to specify the size tip and sorbent amount. XTR tips can hold 1 – 100 mg of sorbent depending on the size and format.

Format- Integra pipette tipsSorbent
1250 µL or 300 µLRP
1250 µL or 300 µLWAX
1250 µL or 300 µLWCX
1250 µL or 300 µLSAX
1250 µL or 300 µLSCX
1250 µL or 300 µLC18
1250 µL or 300 µLSilica
1250 µL or 300 µLHybridSPE
1250 µL or 300 µLMixed Mode – combine 2 sorbents in 1 tip
1250 µL or 300 µLDPX + SALLE – choose a sorbent + Salt necessary for salting-out assisted liquid liquid extraction
Ex. WAX-S or RP-S

Need custom method development? Our application scientists can help integrate DPX products into your existing workflow or develop new methods. Contact us for support.