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2019 Tradeshows

You can learn more about DPX technology by visiting us at a number of tradeshows!   AACC - Aug. 4 - 8 Stop by the Hamilton Booth # 1811! You'll find application notes for automated methods on Hamilton platforms and meet our Director of West Coast Sales. Product Features:   Dispersive Pipette Extraction Technology Drugs of Abuse in Urine Drugs of Abuse in Oral Fluid Catecholamines in Urine Cortisol in Urine and Saliva Vitamin D in Serum THC Analysis in Whole blood Tip-on-Tip Technology Automated Protein Precipitation - replace your centrifugation steps! - [...]

Pipette Tips for SPE

Download Our Product Ordering Guide  Choose your tip... dSPE Pipette tips are manufactured to order per custom specifications for applications and methods. These tips are available with sorbent chemistries in a range of phases to capture any unique selectivity for the diverse spectrum of analytes. Sorbent chemistries can be combined to provide a customized mixed mode product. dSPE tips can hold 1–100 mg of sorbent depending on the tip format. These tips can be used manually with single or multi-channel pipettors, or [...]