We routinely develop custom solutions. We work with you to determine the best DPX product to recommend. We do our best to understand your current issues and develop a new solution. The graphic below demonstrates how we can help you find the right DPX product.


Sample volume/matrix?

Concentration/dilution factor?

Identify high quality sorbent

Identify sorbent amount

Solvent evaporation?

Identify elution volume

Identify DPX product

Ex. basic small molecule

Ex. 1 mg

Ex. 4 fold concentration


25 μl

Ex. 100 μl plasma
100 μL buffer

μXTR tips with 1 mg SCX sorbent
These tips are compatible with Hamilton and Integra platforms.

Ex. Strong Cation Exchange (SCX)

For R&D support or custom method development please contact us.