While “dilute and shoot” methods are often perceived as “inexpensive” and “rapid”, our customers frequently tell us that they have had to purchase high-end ultra-sensitive instrumentation in order to achieve the desired analytical outcomes. By placing strategic emphasis on sample preparation (i.e. “the front end”), significantly higher costs associated with more expensive LC-MS/MS instrumentation may be unnecessary.

Dispersive Pipette XTRaction produces cleaner extracts

Cleaner extracts lead to less LC-MS/MS maintenance, fewer repeat sample injections and reduced data analysis time.

Reduce solvent volumes and waste generation. LC column life is extended

A customized product for your application

XTR tips are manufactured to order per custom specifications. Tips can hold 1 – 100 mg of sorbent depending on the tip format.

You can choose your chemistry to meet any unique selectivity for the diverse range of analytes.

  • RP
  • WAX
  • WCX
  • SCX
  • SAX
  • Silica
  • C18
  • HybridSPE® – Phospholipid removal
  • Mixed Mode – combine chemistries in custom amounts ex. WAX/RP
  • DPX +SALLE – add Salt for a novel cleanup mechanism ex. WAX-S, RP-S