Project Description

Automated Comprehensive Extraction of Drugs of Abuse in Urine

Automation Compatibility: Hamilton, Tecan and Integra

Clinical and forensic laboratories have historically used liquid or solid phase extraction (SPE) methods for analysis of drugs and metabolites in urine. SPE methods produce clean extracts with consistent, high quality data and ensure long term robustness of mass spectrometers. Yet the time-consuming nature and relatively high cost of SPE have pushed laboratories to implement alternative strategies. Approaches have focused on expensive LC-MS/MS instrumentation using a variety of “dilute and shoot” sample preparation methods to address “dirty” samples. While dilute and shoot methods are perceived as inexpensive, high-end ultra sensitive instrumentation and increased data analysis time are often required. Dilute and shoot methods may reduce LC column life, and lead to frequent LC-MS/MS maintenance, as well as repeat sample injections. These issues lead to increases costs.

Dispersive Pipette XTRaction technology addresses the drawbacks of traditional SPE methods. Loose sorbent is contained between two porous barriers inside a pipette tip. The sorbent is mixed with solution by simply aspirating and dispensing. This mixing allows for an increased interaction between the sorbent and sample solution resulting in fast extraction times. XTR tips provide high reproducibility and seamless integration onto robotic liquid handlers to eliminate the tedious and labor intensive aspects of sample preparation. Process up to 96 samples in less than 10 minutes

1 Condition TipsUsing Mixed Mode WAX/RP- XTR tips Aspirate and Dispense 30% Methanol
2 Bind AnalytesAspirate and Dispense Hydrolyzed Urine
3 WashAspirate and Dispense Water
4 Elute AnalytesAspirate and Dispense Acidified Methanol
5 DiluteAdd Water
6 InjectClean, Analyte Rich Extract

XTR Product Information

Journal of Analytical Toxicology Article

XTR - Hamilton 300 μL CO-RE tips

XTR Tips for Hamilton

Tip Formats:

  • Hamilton CO-RE Technology – 300 μL and 1 mL

XTR tips for Hamilton can fit on any of the platforms for high throughput sample preparation methods.

XTR Tips for Integra

Tip Formats:

  • 300 μL and 1250 μL

XTR Tips for Tecan

Tip Formats:

  •  200 μL and 1 mL


Morphine, Oxymorphone, hydromorphone, Codeine, Oxycodone, MDA, 6-MAM, Methamphetamine, Hydrocodone, MDMA, Norfentanyl, Tramadol, Normeperidine, Cocaethylene, Zolpidem, Cyclobenzaprine, Norbuprenorphine, Fentanyl, PCP, Buprenorphine, Oxazepam, Nortriptyline, Methadone, Nordiazepam, Alprazolam, Lorazepam, Amitriptyline, Temazepam, THC