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Tip-on-Tip (ToT) is a patent pending technology designed as a natural progression of INTip products to promote the simplification and automation of complex sample preparation. ToT technology has 2 main methodologies, ToT Filtration and ToT SPE. This technology provides a fast, automated INTip solution for a variety of applications. This product line is compatible with Hamilton Robotics systems.

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Tip-on-Tip Filtration

ToT Filtration combines a conductive wide bore top tip with a bottom Filtration tip to provide an automated alternative to traditional filtration/centrifugation. This methodology is ideal for high-throughput online protein precipitation and filtration, beta-glucuronidase removal, or any other particulate removal. Filtration tips can be ordered in low porosity, dual phase or single phase pipette tip.

Tip-on-Tip SPE

ToT SPE combines a top conductive wide bore tip with a bottom Filtration SPE tip for extraction. The tip includes a disperser for optimal dispersive solid phase extraction conditions. ToT SPE is ideal for applications that require specific incubation conditions between sorbent and sample solution prior to extraction.