Founded in 2007, DPX Technologies develops and manufactures sample preparation products and custom methods for a diverse client base. Our proprietary and patented INTip™ technologies provide efficient, automated solutions for laboratories that are easy to customize and implement with any workflow or method.

Tip-on-Tip (ToT)

ToT Protein Precipitation

ToT Filtration combines a conductive wide bore top tip with a bottom Filtration tip to provide a fast automated INTip solution for filtration/centrifugation. This methodology is ideal for high-throughput online protein precipitation and filtration, beta-glucuronidase removal, or any other particulate removal. Filtration tips can be ordered in low porosity, dual phase or single phase.


ToT SPE Technology provides a fast, automated INTip solution for a variety of applications including immunoaffinity. ToT SPE is ideal for applications that require specific incubation conditions between sorbent and sample solution.