Why do we develop technology using pipette tips for sample preparation?

Founded in 2007, DPX Technologies develops and manufactures sample preparation products and custom methods for a diverse client base. Our proprietary and patented INTip™ technologies provide efficient, automated solutions for laboratories that are easy to customize and implement with any workflow or method.



INTip Filtration

– powered by Tip-on-Tip (ToT) Technology

ToT Protein Precipitation

ToT Filtration combines a conductive wide bore top tip with a bottom Filtration tip to provide a fast automated INTip solution for filtration/centrifugation. This methodology is ideal for high-throughput online protein precipitation and filtration, beta-glucuronidase removal, or any other particulate removal. Filtration tips can be ordered in low porosity, dual phase or single phase.


ToT SPE Technology provides a fast, automated INTip solution for a variety of applications including immunoaffinity. ToT SPE is ideal for applications that require specific incubation conditions between sorbent and sample solution.

ToT Filtration provides removal of course and fine particulates from cannabis samples. After grinding and homogenization use ToT Filtration to eliminate clogging and increase the life-time of chromatographic columns. Filtration tips are easy to integrate into an existing workflow using manual pipettors or automated liquid handlers.

INTip Solid Phase Extraction

– powered by Dispersive Pipette XTRaction Technology

INTip Solid Phase Extraction for Hamilton Robotics Platforms

Automated Bind-Wash-Elute Method

XTR Tips – Training Video Series

These videos are meant to explain how to use manual/ universal XTR tips. Contact us for more info on automated protocols and method customization.

Rapid Cleanup- Remove Matrix Interferences


(Salting-out Assisted Liquid-Liquid Extraction)

Comprehensive Extraction of Drugs and Metabolites from Urine using XTR tips

Generic BIND-WASH-ELUTE Protocol