Many biological fluids are not suitable for direct liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis due to high content of interfering compounds with target analytes often present in low concentrations. Therefore, sample preparation is often required for bioanalytical methods. Explore the different topics below.

  1. Walk Away from Your Sample Preparation
  2. Automated INTip Salt-assisted Liquid-Liquid Extraction for Easy Cleanup
  3. On-Deck Solutions: Using INTip Technology to Increase Throughput while Improving Robustness and Efficiency

Generic Protocols for Common Extraction Methods

We put together a series of videos on how to use XTR tips for common extraction methods. The series includes:

  2. Comprehensive Extraction of Drugs and Metabolites from Urine
  3. Rapid Cleanup
  4. DPX + SALLE

The purpose of these videos is to show how to setup a dispersive pipette extraction method and explain the nuances of using a pipette tip for solid phase extraction. For instruction purposes we filmed these methods using a manual/universal XTR tip. Sample, wash and elution volumes may vary for your specific protocol. XTR tips are available in manual, semi-automated and fully automated formats. Please contact us for more information on automation, custom method development or for application specific questions.


Product Customization for Oral Fluid Extraction

Cation exchange sorbent (SCX) is routinely used to extract a comprehensive panel of therapeutic and abused drugs from oral fluid. While SCX provides high recoveries of most of the compounds of interest, it does not provide high recoveries of barbiturates. Unlike all other SPE companies, DPX’s unique ability to customize products allows the incorporation of weak anion exchange sorbent (WAX) and SCX sorbent for a mixed mode product in the XTR tip.

Comprehensive Extraction of Drugs and Metabolites from Urine

Rapid Cleanup

Choose from our selection of sorbent chemistry in a custom amount to bind and remove matrix interferents. Cleanup takes seconds, only the time for an aspirate and dispense step.

Ex. HybridSPE for phospholipid removal


XTR tips can house sorbents likes Weak Anion Exchange (WAX) or Reverse Phase (RP) for cleanup and the salt (S) necessary for SALLE (Salting-out Assisted Liquid-Liquid Extraction). This methodology is ideal for applications that require acetonitrile for protein precipitation and are focused on hydrophobic analytes.