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DPX Technologies is developing a site and demo lab in San Diego area. This will be a great location for clients on the West Coast to meet and learn about our products.

Coming Soon

New DPX tips for selective removal of phospholipids from extracts of biological specimens are coming soon! These products will eliminate ion suppression effects often found in LC-MS/MS analyses in clinical laboratory medicine and forensic toxicology cases.

Profile by Columbia Regional Business Report

DPX was recently profiled by the Columbia Regional Business Report.

Click here to download a copy of the article.

Extraction in Seconds

DPX stands for Disposable Pipette EXtraction. It is a patented solid-phase extraction (SPE) device that is unique from all other SPE devices. DPX uses pipette tips that incorporate loosely contained sorbent material that is mixed with the sample solution. This unique mixing provides numerous advantages. What does this all mean?

  • No conditioning steps are necessary
  • Minimal elution solvent volumes
  • Rapid extraction times (less than 3 minutes/sample)
  • High extraction efficiencies
  • Easy to perform extractions
  • Lower costs
  • Higher throughput
  • Minimal training required
  • Environmentally friendly

One-minute cleanup in 3 easy steps!

Removal of chlorophyll using QuEChers tips.


One-minute clean up in 3 easy steps!