Cannabis and Hemp Sample Preparation with DPX Pipette Tips for Filtration or Solid Phase Extraction

Pipette tips are easy to use and easy to automate!

Filtration is the first step for cannabis or hemp sample preparation prior to downstream analysis. It is important to remove contaminants and particulates to prevent clogging of chromatography columns. They are compatible with all cannabis sample types, eliminating the need to switch between different filter types for different sample types.

XTR tips are available for fast extraction and cleanup of cannabis samples for potency analysis. We have an analytical procedure for the determination of 9 cannabinoids (THCV, CBD, CBDV, CBG, CBGA, CBN, d9 THC, CBC, THCA) using XTR for solid phase extraction and LC-MS/MS or GC-MS for analysis. Our methods can be fully automated on liquid handlers like Hamilton Robotics.

Tip-on-Tip (ToT) Filtration provides removal of course and fine particulates from cannabis samples.

After grinding and homogenization use ToT Filtration to eliminate clogging and increase the life-time of chromatographic columns. Use ToT Filtration prior to downstream analysis for a variety of applications including: potency, pesticides, terpenes, and mycotoxins…


Fully Automated Cannabinoid Potency Testing in Marijuana Products or Plant Material

This method can process up to 96 samples in less than 15 minutes. The need for fast robust methods of evaluating cannabinoid content continues to rise with the increase in cannabis use. The chemical complexity of cannabis plant material and subsequent extracts benefit from solid phase extraction prior to LC-MS/MS analysis.


Case Study with Confidence Analytics

Confidence Analytics is a Washington State licensed and accredited cannabis testing laboratory. 

“DPX Filtration tips were much easier to use compared to other products and had fewer steps. As a result, we improved the efficiency of our workflow and reduced the potential for error” – Tania A Sasaki, Chief Science Officer….


Fast Discrimination of Marijuana Using Automated High‐throughput Cannabis Sample Preparation

Many traditional cannabis identification methods used in crime laboratories cannot accurately quantify total THC in accordance with federal and state regulations; or they do so with increased time, labor, and risks of instrument damage. This automated INTip™ SPE method using XTR tips and an automated liquid handler enables fast, hands-free selective isolation of THC…


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