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Delivering Purification Excellence™


Dispersive Pipette XTRaction™

Tip-on-Tip™ and ToT™

XTR™ Tips

μXTR™ Tips

ToT Filtration™

ToT Cleanup™


INTip Swelling™

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Hamilton® ,Microlab®, NIMBUS®, CO-RE® are registered trademarks of Hamilton Company.

epT.I.P.S® – Eppendorf AG

epMotion® – Eppendorf AG

DPX Technologies Patents

Disposable Pipette Extraction (branded Dispersive Pipette XTRaction)Patent No. US6,566,145
Dispersive Pipette Extraction Tip and Methods for use (branded Dispersive Pipette XTRaction)Patent No. US 9,733,169
Pipette Tips for Extraction, Sample collection and cleanup and Methods for their usePatent No. US 8,715,593
Automated Protein Precipitation and/or Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction using Filtration TipsPublished US / Pending EP
Automated Group Separations of Complex Mixtures with Gel Filtration TipsPending
Membrane Devices for Filtration and ExtractionPending
Packaging Material and Methods of Packaging Extraction DevicesPending