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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide novel technologies that increase sample preparation efficiencies, and create automated solutions for laboratories that are easy to customize and implement with any workflow or method.

Our Vision

Solving problems with chemistry is the core of what we do. Our vision is to empower scientists by offering versatile products that can integrate with any workflow or method.#CREATINGPOSSIBILITIES

The DPX Technology Difference

Easy-to-use. Easy to automate. Our pipette tips provide sample preparation solutions for a variety of applications.

INTip Solid Phase Extraction – powered by patented Dispersive Pipette XTRaction Technology

The disperser in XTR tips perturbs the sample solution and loose sorbent during aspirate and dispense steps. This mixing provides a highly efficient interaction of the sorbent with the analyte of interest resulting in ideal analyte recoveries.


INTip Filtration – powered by patented Tip-on-Tip (ToT) Technology

A top tip aspirates sample solution, fits into the Filtration tip, and dispenses through the Filtration tip providing a clean, particulate-free solution. Filtration tips are available in a variety of porosities. ToT has three main methodologies: ToT Filtration, ToT Cleanup and ToT SPE.


INTip Size Exclusion Chromatography – powered by patent-pending INTip Swelling

Our size exclusion chromatography product line can be used for desalting and buffer exchange: a group separation method where small molecules (such as salts) are separated from a group of larger molecules (such as proteins). Samples can be quickly prepared for other downstream chromatographic techniques and assays.


MicroPorous Xtraction Technology

A revolutionary technology that incorporates a variety of microporous media options for high efficiency, automated workflows. The MPX device comes as a 3-part unit comprised of an adaptor for Hamilton Robotic platforms, a needle support and microporous media. Replace spin columns or magnetic bead formats with MPX workflows for DNA purification or cleanup, small molecule extraction, sub-micron filtration and more!


INTip Nucleic Acid Cleanup

Our NiX tips utilize a proprietary microporous media and buffer system to allow for fast and effective PCR cleanup, size selection and ligation cleanup methods. Our tip based workflows readily replace SPRI beads for automated genomic sample preparation for Next Generation Sequencing library preparation methods and other downstream analysis.


Industries We Serve


Lab validated methods for clinical applications using INTip SPE or INTip Filtration products.


Explore extraction, cleanup and filtration methods for forensic toxicology that have been independently validated.


INTip products for sample preparation of cannabis matrices and analysis of the chemical compounds from cannabis use within biological matrices.

Food Safety

Food safety applications including pesticides or synthetic compounds from food samples, fruits, vegetables and meat products.


Innovative technology for fast and effective genomic sample preparation including nucleic acid extraction, size selection and PCR cleanup for NGS and other downstream analysis.


Current applications include INTip size exclusion chromatography methods for group separations. More applications coming soon!

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