Summer Internship Experience

This summer internship for DPX Technologies has truly been a very successful experience. My name is Olivia Vonderhaar and I am the summer marketing intern. [...]

SOFT 2021 Booth #206

We're excited to see all our friends and colleagues at this in-person event in Nashville. Stay tuned for more information on the poster presentation [...]

INTip Filtration Webinar On-Demand

ToT Technology combines a top wide bore conductive tip with a bottom filtration tip to provide an automated alternative to traditional filtration/ centrifugation steps. [...]

DPX + SALLE Webinar On-Demand

Combine Dispersive Solid Phase XTRaction + salt-assisted Liquid-Liquid Extraction for a novel cleanup mechanism. XTR tips can house sorbents like weak anion exchange (WAX) [...]

2021 Webinar Series On-Demand

The analysis of biological samples is an interdisciplinary task including therapeutic drug monitoring, pharmacokinetic studies, clinical analysis, drug metabolism and forensic analysis. Many [...]

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