NiX Tips: INTip Nucleic Acid Cleanup

Automated genomic sample preparation for Next Generation Sequencing library preparation methods and other downstream analysis.

Size Selection and PCR Cleanup Data using NiX Tips

Average Yield Based on Number of Binding Cycles

The chart above shows close to 100% yield with 40 or more binding cycles based on the response of 4 fragments ranging from 325-510 bp. Applications requiring less yield can reduce binding cycles for even faster workflows.

Sanger sequencing of replicates of an amplicon from the human GAPDH gene serves as a validation, affirming the efficacy and quality of NiX tips for PCR cleanup.

DNA Yield

Comparison of DNA yield using different PCR master mixtures.

Left Side Size Selection

The ratio of binding buffer to sample solution can provide optimization of specific removal of desired range of bp. In the chart on the left, a 25 μL sample was utilized with a DNA MWM ranging from 19 bp-1164 bp. The amount of binding buffer was decreased by the fraction shown to reduce recovery of the smaller DNA fragments.

NiX Methods are currently compatible with Hamilton Robotics Systems and Agilent Bravo. Kit contents include tips and binding buffer.

NiX Tips™ on a Hamilton STAR system shown above. 

NiX Tip Formats:

  • 50 µL Hamilton, 96 tips/ rack
  • 70 µL Bravo, 384 tips/rack

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Downstream applicationsPCR reactions and other DNA enzymatic reactions
Starting MaterialdsDNA, DNA fragments, PCR products
Starting Amount20-25 µL
Elution Volume25-50 µL
Separation Range> 100 bp
DNA Recoveredup to 100% depending on fragment size and buffer composition
Binding Capacity40 µg
Processing ModeManual, automated
Throughput1- 384 depending on tip format
DNA Binding TechnologyProprietary silica media
Processing Time25 min.
Special NotesDifferent PCR master mixtures affect binding and yield of DNA fragments

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