DPX develops custom INTip products and methods designed for use on automated liquid handlers. Review each product line to confirm compatibility with your automation platform.

XTR tip Compatibility

XTR tips for INTip SPE come in a variety of formats to be used with the most common automated liquid handlers from the automation vendors listed here. We have pre-scripted methods for a variety of clinical and forensic applications on Hamilton Robotics platforms.

If your automation vendor is not listed here, please contact us to discuss custom options.

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Automation Compatibility for Tip-on-Tip Methods

ToT filtration methods combine a vendor specific top tip with a bottom tip for filtration. DPX offers pre-scripted methods for ToT applications on Hamilton Robotics platforms. Contact us for more information or customization requests.

Automation Compatibility for MPX

The MPX device is comprised of an adaptor specifically designed for Hamilton Robotics platforms. All MPX accessories including DPX Funnel Plate and DPX Vacuum Adaptor Plates are compatible with Hamilton vacuum systems and iSWAP/Gripper technology.

Automation Compatibility for NiX Tips

NiX tips for nucleic acid cleanup are currently compatible with Hamilton Robotics Systems and Agilent Bravo.

Automation Compatibility for SEC

INTip size exclusion methods are currently compatible with Hamilton Robotics Systems.

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