Quantitation of Fentanyl, Norfentanyl, Buprenorphine, and Norbuprenorphine in Urine using SCX-XTR tips and LC-MS/MS

Extraction 96 samples in < 15 minutes

Fentanyl and buprenorphine are potent analgesics making them medicinally appealing and easy to abuse. Thus, they are two of the most common analytes monitored in clinical and forensic laboratories. Due to their high potency and low dosages, urinary concentrations are much lower than other common opiates/opioids. This leaves most laboratories struggling to increase the sensitivity and speed of their methods. This method uses INTip Solid Phase Extraction. XTR tips with strong cation exchange (SCX) sorbent provide an easy, fast, and sensitive extraction method to help laboratories increase efficiency of detecting these compounds and their metabolites.

Sample Preparation Workflow

CONDITIONAspirate/ dispense 30% MeOH
BIND SAMPLEAspirate/ dispense using XTR tips with SCX sorbent x5
WASH 1Aspirate/ dispense 0.1 N HCl x2
WASH 2Aspirate/ dispense 100% MeOH x2
ELUTE ANALYTESAspirate/ dispense DCM/IPA/NH4OH x3

Pre-Scripted Application for Hamilton Robotics

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DPX ProductSample VolumeOffline ProcessingOnline Processing
Catalog #: DPX170178
XTR tips with 5 mg SCX (60 µm) in 1 mL Hamilton
100 µLSolution Prep
Solvent Evaporation
< 15 minutes

To customize this product for a varying sample volumes, choose sorbent amount and tip format from available options.

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