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SAMPLE TYPE (Matrix) ANALYTE DPX TECHNOLOGY Publication References
Fruits and Vegetables Pesticides XTR Tips with variety of sorbent chemistries depending on the application. Ex. RP, MgSO4, PSA, C18, GCB Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry
High Fat Food Products Pesticides XTR Tips with WAX Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry
Beef kidney, Liver, Muscle Aminoglycoside Antibiotics XTR Tips with WCX Journal of Chromatography
Water Atrazine, Simazine, Alachlor, and Metolachlor  XTR Tips with RP Analytical Letters
Water Explosives XTR Tips with RP Analytical Letters
Pork Meat 10 β-agonists XTR tips with SCX Journal of Chromatography
Cannabis Material Cannabinoids/ THC XTR tips with RP



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