Cannabis Laboratory Case Study

Confidence Analytics, Washington state licensed and accredited cannabis testing laboratory

Tania A. Sasaki, PhD – Chief Science Officer

Project Overview:

There are several methods for cannabis testing and many sample matrices. The plant itself is complex and variable and then there are different products such as concentrates, oils, lotions edibles, etc. This diversity can make sample preparation complex and/or difficult, possibly requiring methods for extraction and/or cleanup to be adapted to each type of product. Cannabis products are quite different from each other and from the original plant, so extraction efficiencies, potential matrix effects, and interferences can be unpredictable. Laboratories have limited time and budgets, so cannabis sample preparation products need to be easy to use, affordable, and effective.

Prior to DPX, Confidence Analytics used several different filtration techniques depending on the cannabis product/matrix and downstream analysis they needed to perform. They were using spin filter vials, filter plates and syringe filters.


Cannabis matrices are homogenized and analytes(s) of interest are extracted with the appropriate solvent. DPX Dual Phase Filtration tips are used to filter aliquots of the solvent extract to remove particulates prior to downstream analysis. Confidence Analytics replaced all other filtration products with DPX Filtration tips and had a cost savings of up to 44%. “The tips were much easier to use compared to other products and had fewer steps. As a result, we improved the efficiency of our workflow and reduced the potential for error or contamination. We also decreased the number of products we had to stock, which simplified our inventory.” – Tania A. Sasaki

"The DPX Filtration tips greatly simplified our workflow and our analysts were extremely happy with the change. We ran out of tips and had to revert back to our stock of other filtration products, which were much more labor intensive. When we received our order, the analysts were extremely happy. Eric Vasquez, Lab Analyst and Safety Officer, summed it up best: "DPX (Filtration) tips are a gift from God!""

– Tania A. Sasaki and Eric Vasquez

About this Laboratory:

Confidence Analytics is a Washington state licensed and ISO 17025 accredited cannabis testing laboratory. They provide the cannabis marketplace a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge analytical services to benefit production and sourcing of products with true quality assurance, ensuring cannabis products meet consumer safety standards as required by state law.

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Dr. Sasaki is a faculty instructor for a course at  Thomas Jefferson University for a Graduate Certificate in Cannabinoid Chemistry and Toxicology. The course is offered online in partnership with Center for Forensic Science Research and Education. She has over 20 years of chromatography-mass spectrometry experience spanning several areas, including metabolite identification, clinical applications, forensic toxicology, and cannabis testing.

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