Automation Platform: Hamilton Robotics

DPX Product: Low Porosity Filtration tips for Tip-on-Tip protein precipitation

Immunosuppressant drug monitoring is commonly utilized in organ transplant rejection prevention and in organ cancers such as kidney, pancreatic, and epithelial cell cancers. The continuous monitoring of these drugs saves lives, therefore a quick and easy sample preparation method prior to analysis is imperative in the hospital setting. Unfortunately, immunosuppressants are highly protein bound, and recoveries with traditional methods can be scarce and lack sensitivity. The method provides automated protein precipitation of whole blood for accurate and robust analysis of four immunosuppressants:

  • Cyclosporin A
  • Everolimus
  • Sirolimus
  • Tacrolimus

This method processes 96 samples in 6 minutes.


The table shows the accuracy and precision value for the four immunosuppresants including inter-day  and intra-day preceision of analyes from UTAK quality controls.

Low QC

Cyclosporin AEverolimusSirolimusTacrolimus
Inter-day Precision %
Intra-day Precision %

High QC

Cyclosporin AEverolimusSirolimusTacrolimus
Inter-day Precision %
Intra-day Precision %9.27.510.25.7

For complete results using this method you can download the application note.

About ToT

Tip-on-Tip (ToT) is a patented solution for easily automating a variety of filtration methods for clinical and forensic applications. Tip-on-Tip protein precipitation methodology has been used to automate more clinical methods like:

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