Tip-on-Tip Protein Precipitation

Automated INTip™ solution as an alternative to centrifugation

Purpose and Objective 

  • Introduce innovative, automated multi-purpose INTip solution as an alternative to centrifugation utilizing a patent pending Tip-on-Tip technology.
  • Demonstrates the feasibility of a novel and rapid protein precipitation method, often referred to as “protein crash”.
  • Develop automated methodology to minimize laborious manual steps such as vortex mixing and centrifugation and maximize throughput.
  • This method can be extended to many areas of science, including drug discovery, metabolomics, and clinical trial studies.
  • This automated procedure could be applied to applications such as gelatin removal from drug formulations or processing cell lysates.

Aspirate and Dispense acetonitrile with blood sample to facilitate complete precipitation.

step 2 of automated protein precipitation utilizing tip-on-tip technology

ToT Filtration – Transfer supernatant and dispense through Filtration Tip.

Process 96 samples in <5 minutes.


Filtration Tips for ToT Methods

The ToT product line is compatible with Hamilton Robotics systems. Filtration tips come in different varieties to support ToT methods for Filtration, Cleanup and SPE. The sample matrix and precipitation reagent will dictate which Filtration Tip is best for your protocol. Visit the ToT page to learn more about these products and methods.

Single Phase Filtration Tip

Low Porosity Filtration Tip

Dual Phase Filtration Tips for Tip-on-Tip methods

Dual Phase Filtration Tip