MicroPorous Xtraction Technology (MPX)

A revolutionary technology that incorporates a variety of microporous media options for high efficiency workflows for sample preparation.

Chemistry Options and Applications

Explore current MPX applications and contact us for custom method development.

MPX device and accompanying buffers are sold in a matrix specific kit. Our current genomic methods with the MPX device incorporate a proprietary silica-based media for automated DNA isolation in less than 15 minutes.

  • High yield, PCR compatible sample
  • Lysis step only 5 minutes + prep time
  • Save time with no magnetic capture incubation steps
  • On-deck elution prevents cross contamination by using the pipetting head of the robotic liquid handler

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MPX methods utilizing the vacuum block allows for drying of SPE media for water-free elution that is more GC-MS compatible. Current applications include C18 SPE disks to extract up to 1 mL of urine for small molecule analysis by GC-MS.

  • Larger volume sample extractions
  • Enables SPE media drying
  • Low dead volume for high recovery and low volume elutions

MPX Filtration kits include 1 mL top tips and MPX device. MPX methods utilizing the vacuum block can support filtration for large sample volumes for viscous matrices. Contact us for more information on if MPX can support your workflow.

  • 0.22 µm filtration
  • 0.45 µm filtration
  • 1.0 µm filtration
Contact us if you would like to learn more about microporous media for protein removal and purification methods.

MPX Device is sold in a rack of 96 with kit components needed for specific applications.


Hamilton Robotics Systems

Funnel plate included in MPX kits. Custom vacuum block sold separately.


Hamilton Nimbus or STAR system

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