DPX Technologies Announces Additional Automation Compatibility for Their Flagship Dispersive Pipette XTRaction Technology

  • XTR tips have revolutionized sample preparation for a variety of applications, and are now available to be used with the most common automated liquid handlers.
  • Automation compatibility includes: Hamilton Robotics Systems, Integra, Gerstel, Tecan, Rainin LTS, opentrons, PAL Systems, Perkin Elmer and Eppendorf.

Columbia, SC – DPX Technologies, a biotechnology company providing solutions for automated sample preparation, today announces additional XTR tip format compatibility allowing dispersive pipette extraction methods to be automated with the most common liquid handlers.

When Dispersive Pipette Extraction technology first entered the market in 2007 it quickly became a market disruptor, revolutionizing sample preparation for a variety of applications. The technology has been cited across numerous publications for novel sample preparation methods in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology, Journal of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Journal of Chromatography, and Journal of Forensic Science.

“This expansion brings to fruition our vision to allow for seamless integration of XTR tips with any workflow or method”, said Dr. William Brewer, President and CEO of DPX Technologies. “Our investment in additional XTR tip format shows our commitment to offering versatile products that allow scientists to automate any method.”

A recent independent and critical review in the Journal of Analytica Chimica cites dispersive pipette extraction technology to have “well-known advantages, such as its wide range of applications in relation to classes of analytes and samples, the low consumption of sample, and the low consumption of solvents, which puts DPX close to the principles of Green Analytical Chemistry.”

Advantages of dispersive pipette extraction include:

  • Method customization
  • High efficiency
  • Low sample volumes
  • Reduced solvent volume
  • Automation compatibility across most common liquid handler vendors
  • No hardware required
  • Robust methods that reduce matrix effects and increase recoveries

XTR tips can contain 1-100 mg of loose sorbent chemistry depending on the tip format. DPX offers automation support, custom method development and some pre-scripted methods for clinical and forensic applications on Hamilton Robotics Platforms.

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About DPX Technologies

DPX Technologies is a leading provider of automated solutions for food safety testing, clinical laboratory testing, cannabis testing, forensic toxicology, genomics and proteomics sample preparation. DPX is committed to providing innovative sample purification solutions that increase efficiencies, unleashing the potential for scientists to solve problems with chemistry. We collaborate with our customers to provide the high-quality products they need for complex chemical and biological analysis.