Combining Dispersive Pipette XTRaction + SALLE (Salt Assisted Liquid-Liquid Extraction) for a novel cleanup mechanism

Method Overview

XTR tips can house sorbents like weak anion exchange (WAX) or reverse phase (RP) for cleanup and the salt (S) necessary for SALLE. Example: WAX-S or RP-S tips.

  • Salt dissolves in solution during aspirate/ dispense steps and acetonitrile separates due to increased ionic strength
  • Solution can be analyzed directly, diluted or solvent evaporated and reconstituted in LC mobile phase depending on the workflow/application
  • Ideal for applications that require acetonitrile for protein precipitation and are focused on hydrophobic analytes

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Generic Workflow

1aBlood/Serum: Add I.S. + ACN
Protein Precipitate
Transfer Supernatant and add FA aqueous
1bUrine/ Oral Fluid/ Other: Add I.S. + ACN + FA aqueous
2Aspirate/Dispense sample solution
Transfer acetonitrile (upper) layer
3Inject, dilute or solvent evaporate
Injection volume can vary or can include a specific concentration/ dilution factor


  • Automation friendly pipette tips eliminate need for offline liquid-liquid extraction
  • This methodology works with a variety of biological matrices including: serum, blood, urine or saliva
  • Amount of sorbent + salt customizable
  • Workflow flexibility
  • Minimize required matrix volume
  • Provides sensitive quantitation and simplifies sample preparation
  • Rapid extraction process – aspirate/dispense steps take seconds!

Clinical & Forensic Applications

MatrixTarget AnalyteProductsMatrix VolumeSolvent EvaporationAutomationDocuments
UrineTHC & MetabolitesXTR tips: 20 mg WAX + 40 mg Salt200 µLNo< 5 minutesSimultaneous quantification of 11 cannabinoids and metabolites in human urine by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry using WAX-S tips
Whole BloodTHC & MetabolitesXTR tips: 10 mg WAX + 20 mg Salt100 µLNo< 2 minutesQuantification of cannabinoids and their free and glucuronide metabolites in whole blood
SerumVitamin DToT Filtration for protein precipitation + WAX-S XTR tips75 µLNo< 5 minutesAutomated Vitamin D Extraction from Serum
Urine/ SalivaCortisolXTR tips: 10 mg WAX + 40 mg Salt100 µLNoThe application note follows a manual protocol but we can provide automation support for this method.Rapid Sample Preparation for Quantitation of Cortisol from Saliva and Urine

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