Introduction to INTip™ Solid Phase Extraction

Sample cleanup is important for obtaining quality results for small molecule analysis.

INTip Solid Phase Extraction utilizes a patented Dispersive Pipette XTRaction technology for sample cleanup or bind-wash-elute protocols. Dispersive Pipette XTRaction fosters consistent, high quality data with minimal sample preparation time.

Product Guide by Matrix

Use the guide to learn more about which DPX product can be used with each sample matrix.



Dispersive Pipette

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Incorporates the benefits of solid phase extraction into an easy-to-use pipette tip for fast sample preparation that is easy to implement.

Aspirate & dispense steps mix loose sorbent with sample solution. This mixing results in higher binding capacities than traditional fixed-bed formats.

sample preparation for blood for mass spectrometry analysisSample preparation for hair samples for mass spectrometry analysissample preparation for meconium for mass spectrometry analysissample preparation for oral fluid for mass spectrometry analysissample preparation for urine for mass spectrometry analysis




Oral Fluid

Plant Material


Food Extract




Replace your Current SPE

Improve your Current SPE

Develop New Methods

XTR Tips can be used for a variety of applications with a variety of matrices. We offer high quality sorbents in a range of phases to capture unique selectivity for a diverse spectrum of analytes. Sorbent chemistries can be combined to provide a customized mixed mode product.

XTRaction in seconds! XTR tips are fast, and available on fully-automated and semi-automated platforms to reduce manual processing. Cleaner extracts lead to better quality data, fewer repeat batches, and reduced instrument downtime.

Ideal when looking for high throughput, automation and ease of use.

• We can recommend products based on your matrix, analyte and sensitivity needs.
• Universal style tips are perfect for testing/R&D. Contact us about receiving a sample!

• Resolve current issues with a DPX solution
• Reduce sample volume
• Cleaner extracts
• Reduce costs

Do you need sample preparation?

You may have a simple dilute and shoot method that seems low cost and easy to implement. However, dilute and shoot methods do not provide the cleanest extract. While dilute and shoot methods are perceived as inexpensive, high-end ultra sensitive instrumentation and increased data analysis time are often required. Dilute and shoot methods may also lead to reduced LC column life, frequent LC-MS/MS maintenance and repeat sample injections. INTip SPE provides a low cost, easy to use solution for improved sensitivity and reduced matrix effects.



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