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Novel Protein Precipitation Method for Whole Blood Using Automated Tip-on-Tip Technology

Purpose Introduce innovative automated multi-purpose INTip filtration technologyDemonstrate the feasibility of a novel and rapid protein precipitation method, often referred to as “protein crash”.This method can be extended to many areas of science, including drug discovery, metabolomics, and clinical trial studies.This automated procedure could be applied to applications such as gelatin removal from drug formulations or processing cell lysates. All sample preparation was performed on a Hamilton NIMBUS96 platform.  This study shows that efficient protein precipitation using an automated liquid handler [...]

MSACL 2019

DPX Technologies at MSACL We are excited to showcase our new Tip-on-Tip Technology at the MSACL conference this year. We will be presenting a poster with Hamilton Robotics and Standford Health Care. Poster Title: Automated Method for High-Throughput LC-MS/MS Quantitation of Testosterone from Serum: Validation and Interlaboratory Comparison Abstract: A novel automated method for the quantitation of testosterone in serum was developed using DPX Low Porosity Filtration Tips (LPFT) on a Hamilton MICROLAB® NIMBUS96 system with liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). [...]