How to order XTR Tips

XTR tips are completely customizable and manufactured to order per customer specifications.

We try to help each lab save time and money. Our process involves understanding your current method and recommending a custom product designed to streamline sample preparation without compromising the integrity of results.

Example of Product Customization for Oral Fluid Extraction

Greater Recoveries with a Mixed Mode Product

Cation exchange sorbent (SCX) is routinely used to extract a comprehensive panel of therapeutic and abused drugs from oral fluid. While SCX provides high recoveries of most of the compounds of interest, it does not provide high recoveries of barbiturates, as shown in the figure to the left. Unlike all other SPE companies, DPX’s unique ability to customize products allowed the incorporation of weak anion exchange sorbent (WAX) along with the SCX sorbent in the same XTR tip to significantly improve barbiturates recoveries.

How to Order:

Not every application and/or method is the same, which means a unique solution is often required. This is why we don’t have a standard product catalog available, most of our products are customized just for you!

New Customers 

New customers must first establish an account with DPX. In order to request a quote or place an order you need to reference the product catalog number. If you do not have a product catalog number, then you can fill out the form below.