INTip Filtration Webinar On-Demand

ToT Technology combines a top wide bore conductive tip with a bottom filtration tip to provide an automated alternative to traditional filtration/ centrifugation steps. This methodology is ideal for high throughput protein precipitation, beta-glucuronidase enzyme removal, or any other particulate removal. Sorbent chemistry can be incorporated for a more extensive purification with ToT Cleanup and SPE methods. This webinar will explore the benefits of using Filtration tips and ToT methods in place of syringe filters, vial filters or some filter plates.


  • About DPX
  • Tip-on-Tip Overview & Anatomy
    • Replace 96-well Filter Plates
  • Methods
    • Automation
    • Simple Filtration Workflows
    • Cannabis Filtration
    • ToT Cleanup Workflow
    • ToT SPE Workflow
  • How to Order