INTip SPE vs Traditional SPE

Improve sample preparation for biological matrices

INTip Solid Phase Extraction utilizes a patented technology known as Dispersive Pipette XTRaction. This device is unique from all other SPE devices because sorbent is loosely contained within a pipette tip. The disperser in XTR tips helps to perturb the sample solution and loose sorbent during aspirate and dispense steps. This mixing provides a highly efficient interaction of the sorbent with the analyte of interest resulting in ideal analyte recoveries.

Dispersive XTRaction

  • Customization

  • High efficiency

  • Low sample volumes

  • Reduced solvent volumes

  • Scalable
    Process 1- 96 samples

  • Automation

  • No hardware required

SPE Cartridge

Sample, wash and elution solvents flow through the sorbent in one direction. SPE cartridges are not automation compatible.

SPE 96- well plate

Sample, wash and elution solvents flow through the sorbent in one direction. 96-well plates do offer automation, but additional hardware like a vacuum or positive pressure manifold is required.

Traditional solid phase extraction products are packed with a fixed-bed, which only allows a solution to flow through in one direction. Additional hardware like a positive pressure manifold or vacuum block is required. Dispersive Pipette XTRaction is not dependent on flow rates since the solution is mixed with the chemistry. This technology has been featured in a number of publications that show-case high recoveries and reduced matrix effects for various applications. Extraction takes seconds and entire workflows can be fully automated. Moreover, Dispersive Pipette XTRaction is very cost-effective because a significant amount of sorbent and solvents can be saved.

  • Pipette tips are easy-to-use and easy-to-automate!
  • Reduce failure rates
  • Robust sample preparation
  • High recoveries
  • Sorbent customization
  • Optimized high-throughput workflows

How to Order:

Choose the tip style, size, chemistry and amount in your tip.

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