INTip SPE Webinar On-Demand

Learn how to fully automate methods with INTip SPE. This webinar will explore the benefits of switching from a traditional SPE product like a column or 96 well-plate to a tip-based sample preparation method for solid phase extraction protocols. INTip SPE utilizes a patented technology known as Dispersive Pipette XTRaction. This device is unique from all other SPE devices because sorbent is loosely contained within a pipette tip. Our methods achieve high sensitivity, even for low sample volumes and low concentration of the analyte.


  • About DPX
  • What is INTip SPE?
  • Benefits over Traditional SPE
  • Automation Compatibility
  • Chemistry Options and Tip Formats
    • NEW HLB Sorbent
    • HybridSPE – phospholipid removal
  • Small Molecule Applications
    • LC-MS/MS Analysis of Catecholamines in Urine
    • LC-MS/MS Analysis of Fentanyl & Buprenorphine in Urine
  • Custom Method Development
  • How to Order