Load and Go Urine Drug Testing

25 min. Webinar Now Available Online

How Hands-Free Hydrolysis and INTip Filtration can Transform your Workflow

About the Webinar

The use/misuse of prescription drugs has increased dramatically, resulting in a huge increase in sample numbers. Many of these samples contain multiple analytes, adding greater complexity.

​​​​​​​Thus, faster and more accurate sample preparation is imperative. Current demands due to the COVID-19 crisis have created even more time and performance pressure on testing laboratories.

In this 25 min micro webinar – intended for both Lab Managers and Technicians – you will learn how to:

  • Accelerate sample preparation
  • Improve testing accuracy
  • Increase analyte recovery
  • Hydrolyze difficult analytes in 5 min. at room temperature
  • Streamline laboratory workflow
  • Create cost savings

Learn more about Tip-on-Tip Technology for INTip Filtration

Tip-on-Tip Urine Filtration Application Note