DPX Technologies Announces a New INTip Solution for Micro-elution

Columbia, SC – DPX Technologies announces a new INTip™ solution that utilizes a proprietary design for micro-elution dispersive solid phase extraction. The INTip SPE product line is designed to simplify sample preparation methods for cleanup and bind-wash-elute protocols. μXTR pipette tips provide an automated solution for optimal sensitivity.

“μXTR tips were developed as an addition to the INTip SPE product line, that gives our customers the ability to reduce elution volumes and increase sensitivity for downstream analysis,” said William E. Brewer, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of DPX Technologies. “Micro-elution methods eliminate solvent evaporation and reduce the challenges for sample preparation of high throughput, high sensitivity assays.”

Dispersive Pipette XTRaction introduces the benefits of solid phase extraction into a revolutionary, easy-to-use pipette tip. This patented device is unique from all other SPE devices because sorbent material is loosely contained within a tip. The loose sorbent mixes with a sample solution during aspirate and dispense steps and enables a highly efficient interaction of the sorbent and analyte of interest for accurate analysis.

μXTR tips utilize a proprietary design to provide fast dispersive solid-phase extractions with minimal elution volumes for maximum concentration effects. Micro-elution tips are available with 1-3 mg of sorbent and utilize a unique low-retention frit. This allows for elution volumes as low as 25 μL for up to an 8x concentration factor.  μXTR tips are available with sorbent chemistries in a range of phases to capture any unique selectivity for the diverse spectrum of analytes.

Founded in 2007, DPX Technologies develops and manufactures sample preparation products and custom methods for a diverse client base. Our proprietary and patented INTip technologies provide efficient, automated solutions for laboratories that are easy to customize and implement with any workflow or method.

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