MSACL 2024 | New Poster Presentation

We’re excited to be back at MSACL delivering innovative methods for clinical applications. Stop by the DPX booth #18 to get copies of the latest applications notes and learn more about our INTip products. 

Fast, Automated, Reproducible and Sensitive Method for Immunosuppressant Analysis in Whole Blood

POSTER PRESENTATION #5b  | Wednesday, March 20

Immunosuppressant drug monitoring is commonly utilized in organ donation rejection prevention and in organ cancers such as kidney, pancreatic, and epithelial cell cancers. The continuous monitoring of these drugs saves lives, therefore a quick and easy sample preparation method prior to analysis is imperative in the hospital setting. Unfortunately, immunosuppressants are highly protein bound, and recoveries with traditional methods can be scarce and lack sensitivity. The accurate and robust filtration of four immunosuppressants (Cyclosporin A, Everolimus, Sirolimus, and Tacrolimus) are demonstrated in this poster. This method utilizes a Tip-on-Tip protein precipitation protocol for a quick and easy way to analyze immunosuppressants in whole blood. This method provides clean extracts and therefore less instrument maintenance.

Learn more about our Filtration tips utilized in Tip-on-Tip methods on the product page.