New Utilization for Tip-on-Tip Filtration in the Cannabis Industry

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DPX Technologies Announces a New Utilization for Tip-on-Tip Filtration in the Cannabis Industry

Columbia, SC – DPX Technologies announced their patent-pending Tip-on-Tip (ToT) technology in 2019 as a natural progression of the INTip product line designed to promote the simplification and automation of complex sample preparation. The ToT Filtration methodology attracted the attention of some cannabis laboratories in California looking for an easy, automated solution for cannabis filtration.

After grinding and homogenization of cannabis samples including dried plant material, edibles or extracts, ToT Filtration can be used to eliminate clogging and increase the lifetime of chromatographic columns. ToT Filtration is often the first step prior to downstream analysis including potency, pesticide, mycotoxin, and metal testing. Low porosity or dual phase filtration tips can be used to remove particulates down to less than 1 µm.

“Most of the labs that we have talked to, are using a variety of filters on the market depending on the sample type being processed, including syringe or vial filters. The beauty in this technology is that the filtration tip is compatible with all sample types,” said Nicholas Chestara, Technical Sales Specialist at DPX Technologies. Nicholas is spearheading methods using INTip technology for the cannabis industry. He recently worked with Confidence Analytics, a Washington state licensed and accredited cannabis testing laboratory and helped them replace all other filtration products with ToT Filtration. “DPX Filtration tips were much easier to use compared to other products and had fewer steps. As a result, we improved the efficiency of our workflow and reduced the potential for error,” said Tania A. Sasaki, Chief Science Officer at Confidence Analytics.

ToT Filtration methods have already been validated and tested for use in clinical laboratory medicine for applications like protein precipitation and serum filtration for testing testosterone and other steroids. This methodology was easy to integrate into cannabis workflows since most laboratory analysts are familiar with how to use pipette tips. DPX plans to continue to work with cannabis clients to develop more testing methods.

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