Sample Preparation for Blood/Serum Matrices

Webinar On-demand

This webinar explores different strategies for sample preparation of serum for mass spectrometry analysis. We will provide method recommendations suited to sample size, analyte polarity, dilution factors, etc for a variety of applications using serum, whole blood or dried blood spots as the matrix. Automated INTip Filtration can be applied to replace offline, labor intensive centrifugation steps.


  • About DPX
  • Strategy 1: Dilute Serum followed by Microelution SPE with µXTR tips
    • µXTR chemistry options and tip styles
  • Strategy 2: “Soft Protein Precipitation” with ZnSo4 followed by ToT Filtration
    • LC-MS/MS Quantification of Testosterone in Serum
    • Sensitive LC-MS/MS Analysis of Therapeutic and Abused Drugs in Whole Blood
  • Strategy 3: Full Protein Precipitation with Tip-on-Tip followed by cleanup
    • HybridSPE® XTR tips for phospholipid removal
    • DPX + SALLE

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