Summer Internship Experience

This summer internship for DPX Technologies has truly been a very successful experience. My name is Olivia Vonderhaar and I am the summer marketing intern. Throughout this summer, I have learned numerous skills and tools while working at DPX alongside Aaron, our creative intern and Carmen, our boss and brand manager. I have learned more about website tools used in various everyday marketing. For example, I have written several blogs and press releases for new product launches and updates on projects that have been happening around DPX. I wrote these in WordPress for Carmen to approve and after we went on to post on the DPX website. I also wrote a creative brief to send to Aaron for him to go on and create the graphic design for the announcement. Throughout this whole summer I have also worked on organizing and inputting contacts and leads into the CRM through Microsoft dynamics. I am very thankful for my experience at DPX Technologies and will take everything I learned with me and use in the future.

Working alongside me this summer is our creative intern, Aaron Falls. He works in adobe to create original and unique designs for the DPX brand. This summer he has learned many techniques to enhance his talent. Some examples are animation techniques, how to apply visual design into different fields (i.e. biotechnology), and how to develop product branding materials. He also learned more about sample preparation, and branding architecture.

Overall, this summer internship program has been a huge success for Aaron and I. We have been working and learning from some very talented and hardworking people and an overall great company. This internship has given us a real-world experience and we are so appreciative that DPX Technologies gave us this opportunity.