Novel, Proprietary MicroPorous Xtraction (MPX) Technology and Patent-pending Method for Improved DNA Isolation from Whole Blood

Automation Compatibility: Hamilton Robotics

DPX Technologies has developed a novel, patentpending MicroPorous Xtraction (MPX) device and patentpending DNA isolation method that is fully automated. The DPX workflow does not require magnets or beads, therefore no magnetic capture incubation steps allows the DNA isolation process to be faster, taking less than 15 minutes from lysate to purified DNA for 96 samples. The automated method uses a high throughput vacuum process that provides rapid binding and wash steps, and allows for elution using the pipetting head of the robotic liquid handler to prevent cross-contamination and provide a very robust method.

The method presented utilizes a MPX kit from DPX Technologies which includes the appropriate buffers for the DNA isolation method from whole blood and a DPX custom vacuum block designed to fit a Hamilton Nimbus 96 system. The MPX device contains a proprietary silica-based membrane.

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About MPX Technology

The MPX device utilizes a novel design that combines various microporous media with the benefits of automation for improved sample preparation.

Technology Advantages:

  • DNA purification or cleanup
  • Small molecule extraction
  • Sub-micron filtration

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