HybridSPE® – Phospholipid Removal Technology

Effective Removal of Phospholipids for Accurate and Reproducible LC-MS/MS Analysis

DPX Technologies has partnered with MilliporeSigma to offer HybridSPE® sorbent in XTR tips. This proprietary sorbent is effective for the removal of phospholipids. Tips can be ordered with 30 or 50 mg of sorbent.

  • Simple methodology
  • Available on automated liquid handling systems

Tip Formats: 
Hamilton – 300 μL / 1 mL
Tecan – 200 μL / 1 mL
Integra – 300 μL / 1.250 mL
Universal – 1 mL

HybridSPE sorbent for dispersive pipette XTRaction

Do you need Solid Phase Extraction for Phospholipid Removal?

A simple protein precipitation or liquid-liquid extraction method may fail to address the problem of phospholipid-induced ion suppression.

Phospholipids are present as a major component of all cell membranes. Therefore, they are present in all biological sample matrices including serum, plasma and whole blood. Phospholipids can pose issues when co-eluting with analytes of interest via LC-MS analysis of small molecules. This co-elution results in ion suppression of the mass spec signal that can cause variability and impact LC-MS result accuracy. Even if the phospholipids do not co-elute with the analyte of interest, they can accumulate on the LC column and elute sporadically in downstream analyses. This can cause unpredictabile ion suppression resulting in poor reproducibility and potentially effect accuracy. (1)

HybridSPE is a unique chemistry offered in a pipette tip for Dispersive Pipette XTRaction as a simple methodology to remove phospholipids. For an automated INTip protein precipitation protocol start with our Tip-on-Tip method and then use HybridSPE XTR tips for extraction prior to analysis.

sample preparation for blood/ serum samples prior to LC-MS/MS analysis