SLAS 2024 Poster | Automated PCR Cleanup Using NiX Tips

DPX at booth #776

We’re excited to introduce our latest products and innovative methods for automating sample preparation for genomics and proteomics applications! Stop by our booth at SLAS 2024 to learn more. Checkout our poster presentation comparing our NiX Tip method to traditional magnetic beads for PCR cleanup. 

NEW MicroPorous Xtraction Technology

Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization powered by NiX Tips

Poster Presentation: NiX Tips for Dynamic PCR Cleanup

Tuesday February 6, Poster Session C: 1386-C

Track: Automation

Overview: Life Edit Therapeutics and DPX Technologies will present an automated method demonstrating that utilizing NiX tips for PCR cleanups are comparable to bead-based cleanups in both amount of recovered DNA product and speed of the cleanup protocol. NiX tips are superior for high-throughput walk-away solutions as they are shelf stable and require no extra handling considerations nor hardware requirements.

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SLAS 2024 Poster

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