DPX + SALLE Webinar On-Demand

Combine Dispersive Solid Phase XTRaction + salt-assisted Liquid-Liquid Extraction for a novel cleanup mechanism. XTR tips can house sorbents like weak anion exchange (WAX) or reverse phase (RP) for cleanup and the salt (S) necessary for SALLE. This methodology is ideal for applications that require acetonitrile for protein precipitation and are focused on hydrophobic analytes. This webinar will provide a background of the methodology and specific details on a few applications of interest.


  • INTip SPE Overview
  • Automation Compatibility
  • What is INTip Salt-assisted Liquid-liquid Extraction?
    • Benefits
    • Generic Workflow
    • Pros/Cons
  • Small Molecule Applications
    • LC-MS/MS Analysis of THC & Metabolites in Urine
    • LC-MS/MS Analysis of Cortisol in Urine and Saliva
  • How to Order