Meet the Experts is a weekly forum discussing new innovations, applications and workflows with industry leaders hosted by Sciex.

Guest Panelists:

Dr. Marilyn A. Huestis, President, Huestis and Smith Toxicology, LLC
Dr. Bill Brewer, President and CEO, DPX Technologies

Featured panelist:
Kevin He, Senior Applications Manager, Sciex

DPX founder, Dr. Bill Brewer, has prepared a short presentation on oral fluid extraction for forensic analysis. He will be discussing:

Collection device

  • Inherent dilution factors

Drug panel

  • Ensure optimization of any troublesome compounds (norbuprenorphine, barbiturates, THC, etc.)

Sensitivity needs

  • LC-MS/MS system, desired LOD/LOQ

Solvent evaporation

  • The ability to solvent evaporate is usually a necessity to meet LOD/LOQs